10w40 Gulf Tec Plus | Semi-Synthetic | Car Motor Oil | 3 x 5 Litres

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Gulf TEC Plus 10W-40 is a high performance semi-synthetic passenger car motor oil designed to provide optimum performance in high-output, multi valve, turbocharged & supercharged gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks. The advanced additive technology incorporated in Gulf TEC Plus 10W-40 enables it to exceed the stringent performance requirements of leading passenger car manufacturers’ and global industry standards and is designed to exceed the requirements of ACEA A3/B4 specification. Gulf TEC Plus 10W-40 has superior thermo-oxidative stability that minimizes deposits & sludge build-up and reduces oil thickening, thereby facilitating extended oil life and active cleaning agents provides engine cleanliness. 
Excellent antiwear technology minimizes engine wear and thereby reduces maintenance costs and superior dispersants provides excellent control over soot induced oil thickening. Good low temperature fluidity assists in easy cold starts.
Gulf TEC Plus 10W-40 is recommended for the latest European high performance gasoline and direct injection diesel engines of passenger cars, vans & light truck requiring ACEA A3/B4 quality oils.
Meets the specifications of:
ACEA A3/B4, VW 505.00
Approved by:
API SL, MB-Approval 229.1
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Condition New