Castrol Dot 4 Synthetic Peformance Brake Fluid - 3 Litre

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  • Castrol Brake Fluid DOT4 is a high boiling synthetic brake fluid which far exceeds the requirements of the SAE J1703,SAE J1704, FMVSS 116 DOT 4 , ISO 4925 and Jis K 2233 specifications
  • Designed for use in all brake systems particularly those which are exposed to extreme condition
  • This product has been formulated from mixed polyalkylene glycol ethers and borate esters together with other high performance additives and inhibitors which give ultimate system protection against the effects of corrosion and high temperature vapour lock
  • It is strongly recommended that brake fluid should be changed according to the vehicle manufacturers advice
  • Should not be used in braking systems for which a mineral oil based fluid is recommended
  • Specifications:
  • 4925 Class 4
  • SAE J1704

    The open road! The wind in your hair! The roar of the engine! That's what cars are all about right? So surely your car deserves a little bit of love and care from time to time, just to keep it running as sweet as a nut. With a wide range of oils and speciality care products Castrol are on hand to help keep your car and its engine in the best condition possible. To ensure your safety whilst driving you need to be sure that your brakes are reliable. Castrol's DOT 4 Brake Fluid has been specially designed as part of the Protector Series to provide a product that helps to protect and prolong the life of the breaking system. It has been designed to provide you with the confidence that you will not only get great breaking performance, but it also maintains breaking efficiency for longer. This product is supplied in a 1ltr bottle. Founded in 1899 Castrol have gone from being a small British oil company to one of the world's leading providers of lubricant solutions. With over 100 years of experience in the oils and lubricants market, Castrol provides its customers with a diverse range of products to accommodate the whole of automotive market. They are also major producers of lubricants for many other industries and sectors including manufacture, transport and construction to name but a few. Castrol are passionate about innovation and new technology and constantly strive to provide the highest quality products.

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