Diesel Turbo Cleaner Kit - Helps Solve Your Limp Mode - 5 Piece Kit + - Clean

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Diesel Turbo Cleaner Kit - Helps Solve Your Limp Mode - 5 Piece Kit + - Clean

Diesel Turbo Cleaner

The UK's Variable Vane Diesel Turbo Cleaning Solution

Diesel Turbo Clean Set is a specially designed set to solve problems of diesel engines in a fast and efficient way such as contamination and seizing of the variable geometry of turbos and catalysts caused by carbon residues. Ideal for all diesel engines with Variable Vane Turbos.

Diesel Turbo Cleaner Benefits:

  • Very fast and efficient turbo cleaning.
  • Easy to apply turbo cleaner without difficult disassembly.
  • Diesel Turbo Cleaner improves the power and consumption of the motor.
  • Easy to Apply
  • Can clear limp home mode
  • Protects against future carbon deposits

Diesel Turbo Cleaner Kit Contents:

  • Turbo Cleaner Part 1 - 500ml Spray Canister

A powerful cleaner specially developed to dissolve stubborn carbon deposits on the turbo charger without needing to fully disassemble.

  • Turbo Cleaner Part 2 - 500ml Spray Canister

A rinsing agent specially developed to neutralise Turbo Clean Part 1 and rinse it out together with the carbon and dirt residues. Leaving your turbo clean and ready for use.

  • Diesel Fuel Gold Standard Treatment - 325ml Bottle

Automotive Brands supreme diesel performance booster uses a unique combustion enhancer which allows the fuel to burn more completely. This in turn leads to reduced CO2 emissions and diesel noise. With improved and smoother running of the engine you will benefit from increased acceleration and a reduction in black smoke. It will clean and keep clean both DI (Direct Injection) and IDI (In-Direct Injection) injectors, pistons and combustion chambers. On starting the engine white smoke will be reduced. Regular use will not only provide the above benefits but will prevent fuel from ageing and will give further corrosion protection.

  • Turbo Blanking Cards
  • Spray Nozzle
  • Pair of Safety Gloves

How do you know your turbo needs to be cleaned?

The biggest clue a turbo needs to be cleaned is when the vehicle goes into ‘Limp Mode’. Limp mode or limp home mode can be triggered by the restricted movement or sticking of the vanes within the turbo due to excessive carbon build up which in turn leads to ‘overboost’. When overboost occurs the ECU management system kicks in to protect the integrity of the engine by engaging Limp Mode.

Limp mode symptoms:

  • Slow acceleration
  • Engine wont rev beyond a pre-programmed speed
  • Speed restricted to 40mph or similar
  • ECU Management light is on
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