Millers Oils Engine Oil Flush - Maintenance & Preparation - 250ml HIGH QUALITY DETERGENT BASED, TREATS 4-6 LITRE CAPACITY

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In Detail
Generally we don't recommend  engine oil flushes during servicing, this is because even after the service is complete they can loosen harmless hardened oil / other contaminants and release them into the oil flow causing clogging of filters or even reducing flow, plus the chances of you totally removing the flush during the service is slim at best which means your new clean oil is contaminated with flush. Most of the time you can simply run a cheaper semi synthetic engine oil through the block (fill it up, run engine till warmed, drain it out) in order to get built up grime & engine oil lumps / contaminants out.

If you really must have an engine oil flush this is a good choice, mainly as it's a high quality detergent based flush so isn't as harsh as most on the market.

All car and light van petrol and diesel engines. Add contents of bottle to oil in the engine – 250ml bottle will treat 4-6 litres of engine oil. Run engine for 15 to 20 minutes. Drain the oil, change the oil filter and refill with the recommended grade of engine oil.
in brief
  • Brand: Millers
  • Type : Engine Oil Flush
  • Quantity: 0.25 Litres
  • Ensures engine is clean before new oil is put into engine
  • Spec:
    • 250ml bottle will treat 4-6 litres
    • Detergent based
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